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For Him 

Wallets + Belts

Embossed Belt
from 62.00

Belts don't just hold your pants up- They define your taste- show that you can choose the right accessory for the occasion. Our belts, first of all, do NOT crack, break, lose color or stretch-We leave that to the store bought variety. Our belts are made with the appropriate materials, correct technique and an eye towards a little flash of style. All our belts are unisex, everybody looks good in great belt.

Embossed Deisgns:


Basket Weave



***Please Note***

We find that the best way to measure for belt size is to start with a belt that already fits you.  Measure from top of the leather (do not include hardware) to the middle hole that should be used to fasten your belt. We add 5 1/2" to account for the extra holes and the decorative tip. So if your belt is measuring 36" based on the guidelines explained above it will actually be a 41 1/2" piece of leather from end to end. Do not use pant size as all pants fit differently especially on women.
If you do not already have a belt that fits you well, you can use a piece of string or rope. Hold the piece of string around your waist where it fits comfortably and measure the length of string. Again, we will be adding 5 1/2" to the length that you give us.
Always round up as it is better to have a little extra length then not enough. All belts are custom made per order and not eligible for returns.
You may always call us if you have any questions at (417) 346-8261

Please understand that all belts are custom made and due to the nature of our work, we can no longer accept returns for improperly measured belts.

Waist Size:
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Money Clip - Bison

Available colors:

  • brown
  • black
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Mens 5 Pocket Wallet
from 48.00

This larger case has an ID window pocket & holds up to 50 business cards. Perfect for those networking occasions when you can hand out lots of cards. 

Available Colors:

  • Coachide Black
  • Coachide Brown
  • Tuscany Black
  • Tuscany Cherrywood
  • Cognac
  • Pebble Black
  • Pebble Cognac
  • Brown Ostrich
  • Black Ostrich
  • Brown Lizard
  • Black Lizard
  • Peanut Brittle Lizard
  • Brown Stingray
  • Brown Stingray w/Jewel
  • Black Stingray
  • Black Stingray w/Jewel
  • Black Shark
  • Brown Shark
  • Black Elephant
  • Brown Elephant
  • Brown Bison
  • Black Bison
  • Aztec Brown
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For Her

Wallets + Purses

Swinger Purse

Our smallest sport bag for everyday! The Swinger has 2 compartments with a zippered privacy area in the divider. Leather lined and OH so cute! The cross body strap makes it a perfect purse for a quick get away when you don't want to be encumbered with a large purse.

Available Color Combinations:

  • Black with Red Croc
  • Tuscany Black
  • Tuscany Cherrywood
  • Black with Caramel Croc
  • Cigar with Cream Croc
  • Caramel with Cream Croc
  • Black with Red Croc & Trim
Strap Length:
Adjustable Strap:
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Ladies Credit Card Wallet

Keep your credit cards handy with 9 credit card pockets, including ID windowpocket, 6 removable card/picture windows, 2 document pockets, and an adjustable strap closure to keep it all secure. Full size coin purse on back. Excellent addition for our larger purses, the Sante Fe and the Scooter purse.

Available Color Combinations

  • Tuscany Black
  • Tuscany Cherrywood
  • Black/Red croc
  • Red/Red Croc
  • Black/Caramel Croc
  • Caramel Croc/Crème Croc
  • Black/Brown Croc
  • Black/White Ostrich
  • Black/Crème Croc
  • Cigar/creme Croc
  • Brown/Brown Croc


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Santa Fe Purse

This cross body purse was made for its sleekness. Designed so you can layer a coat over it, if shopping or traveling in busy areas. It has one outside pocket with magnetic closure for easy access. The washable, waterproof lining and interior pockets make it a very user friendly bag.

Available Color Combinations:

  • Black with Red Croc
  • Tuscany Black
  • Tuscany Cherrywood
  • Black with Camel Croc
  • Carmel with Cream Croc
  • Cigar with Cream Croc
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