The 20 year Belt

The 20 year Belt

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That's right, we call this the 20 yr belt. Made of one solid piece of thick leather, we dare you to try and wear this belt out. Strong enough for the toughest of man! With its finished edges, it still can be dressed up. choice of gold or silver hardware. The only problem is, you wont need to buy another one from us for many many years!

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***Please Note***

We find that the best way to measure for belt size is to start with a belt that already fits you.  Measure from top of the leather (do not include hardware) to the middle hole that should be used to fasten your belt. We add 5 1/2" to account for the extra holes and the decorative tip. So if your belt is measuring 36" based on the guidelines explained above it will actually be a 41 1/2" piece of leather from end to end. Do not use pant size as all pants fit differently especially on women.
If you do not already have a belt that fits you well, you can use a piece of string or rope. Hold the piece of string around your waist where it fits comfortably and measure the length of string. Again, we will be adding 5 1/2" to the length that you give us.
Always round up as it is better to have a little extra length then not enough. All belts are custom made per order and not eligible for returns.
You may always call us if you have any questions at (417) 346-8261

Please understand that all belts are custom made and due to the nature of our work, we can no longer accept returns for improperly measured belts.

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